Does eating five times a day help you lose weight?

There is a kind of myth that organizing food into five meals during the day would help control weight. Another topic that is talked about a lot is breakfast, which could be considered the most important meal of the day.

But how important is this general knowledge of food for health? Do they make a difference in a diet?

According to diet expert Andrea Calderón, scientific secretary of the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA), explains that the important thing is to plan well what you are going to eat and choose healthy foods.

Before, “eating more frequently throughout the day – that is, sharing calories and nutrients in bad foods rather than concentrating them on two or three foods – was considered to be beneficial for weight management and metabolic health.”

It was even thought that these five foods a day could help you lose weight.

However, recent studies have shown that these factors, that is, dividing food into several meals or prioritizing breakfast, can have different impacts depending on each person. However, one of the biggest problems is the food we eat.

She comments on breakfast as an example. It can be made with breads, cookies, as well as sweetened yogurts and processed products of poor nutritional quality. Then, breakfast would no longer be beneficial to health. The important thing in this case is to choose healthy foods, such as dried fruits and fruits.

Therefore, the popular saying says that quantity is not quality.

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