What categories are offered in the PHotoFUNIBER ’20 International Contest?

The deadline for submitting a photograph to the PHotoFUNIBER ’20 International Contest is March 2nd. Each participant must fill out a registration form and decide in which category to participate.

Next, you can learn more details about each one of them. In this second edition of the contest there will continue to be four categories of participation: nature, heritage, photojournalism and abstract.

The NATURE category includes all those images that show landscapes, flora and fauna, where technique and patience play an essential role.

As inspiration for students who wish to participate in the contest, they can find many leading photographers today, such as Martin Ingold, a Swiss who captures European landscapes with his camera. One of the pioneers in nature photography was William Henry Jackson, whose images of Yellowstone National Park, in the United States, surprised the society of the time.

The HERITAGE category’s mission is to choose a theme that synthesizes a culture, and to show it in an authentic way, which is a challenge for many photographers. In this modality there are images related to crafts, architecture, dance, gastronomy or music, traditional cultural elements. But it is also possible to address identity in its various manifestations.

For the PHOTO JOURNALISM category, the photographs must record human complexities in several of their facets. The objective of these photographs is to show a social and cultural background and make us reflect on human values ​​such as solidarity, cooperation, education and personal development.

Photojournalism is one of the most widely disseminated photographic modalities since it deals with facts and events in today’s society, which is why it arouses much interest. In this type of photography, the daily work of photojournalists who cover the news every day is reflected, as well as documentary filmmakers who deal with the issues in a broader and deeper way.

In the ABSTRACT category, the photographs can be artistic or advertising. In this category, creativity, good use of aesthetics and conceptual work through the image prevail. For creative work, it is possible to use any technique that could interfere with photography, such as painting, collage or digital montage.

As an example, we can cite the work of the Brazilian visual artists Vik Muniz, who usually uses unusual materials such as food and garbage in their works, and Eustáquio Neves.

Awards by category

PHotoFUNIBER ’20 will award for each category, a winner chosen by the jury and a winner chosen by public vote, with cash prizes and training scholarships to study one of the graduate programs sponsored by FUNIBER.

Photographs with Honorable Mention will also be awarded, which will be part of an exhibition that will take place at the Universidad Europea del Atlántico, with the winning images from PHotoFUNIBER’20.

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