PHotoFUNIBER contest decision

The International Photography Contest, PHotoFUNIBER’20, ends this second edition reaffirming its commitment to fostering creativity and talent. See the winners below.

FUNIBER reaffirms its purpose to recognize talents and stimulate creativity with the second edition of the PHotoFUNIBER International Photography Contest. Photographers and those interested in photography have sent their works to participate in the contest, putting their photography to the test of analysis and evaluation.

As stated by Mathieu Corp, Doctor in Communication and Art from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris, and member of the jury, “participation in this type of competition constitutes an opportunity for all participants to organize and define more clearly their own practice of photography ”.

The winners, in addition to receiving the award granted by FUNIBER, also gain credibility and visibility in the photographic market, and will be able to get more opportunities to develop their practices.

Mathieu Corp, Citlali Fabián, Laila Moreto Alvarado, Verónica Sanchis and Mário Macilau have been members of the jury of the PHotoFUNIBER’20 contest, and together, they chose the winning photographs among the 84 finalists. In addition, the public has collaborated with their votes, helping to define winners by popular vote.

Announcement of the winners

FUNIBER, in collaboration with the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (UNEATLANTICO) , the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI-México), the Fundación Universitaria Internacional de Colombia (UNINCOL) and the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI) Puerto Rico), is pleased to announce the winners of the PHotoFUNIBER’20 International Contest.

We appreciate everyone’s participation. We have received photographs of people living in different parts of the planet. In the finalist phase, we have seen images from photographers from 14 different countries.

For each category, two awards were deliberated. One, chosen by the Jury of Honor, and the other, by popular vote. The popular selection, through “Likes”, had the participation of more than 4,000 people who voted for their favorite photographs. The photo that received the most votes was “Colorful Diversidad” by Marina Andrés González, with 634 votes.

The jury defined four winners, one from each category, plus two special awards for FUNIBER scholarship students and undergraduate students from the European University of the Atlantic. (Abnehmen von Drogen) For the selection, they have taken into account both the aesthetic elements, the originality and the technical quality of the photographs, as well as the visual message.

Verónica Sanchis, member of the jury, explains that in the winning photograph of the Nature category, The fog and the people, by Jesús Puigmartí Sánchez , the author manages to create a “subtle, abstract and charming landscape. The illumination with the colored lights gave a sense of human life to this haze, ”he says.

In the Abstract category, the author, Elba Hernández , with Through time , takes a photograph that “manages to capture two times or two epochs in a single image. In this way, she brilliantly and simply transcends a limit of the photographic image. The human silhouette in which the image of the past is inserted refers both to the responsibility of the human being in the events that led to the submergence of the earth and to the melancholy and sorrow that they generate, ”says Mathieu Corp.

He also explains why the photo During the Caravan, by Hector Moises Edu Cantarero Ferrera, was chosen from the Photojournalism category: “The image reactivates a certain religious iconography, with ecstatic bodies. The fervor of the bodies and the expressiveness of the faces of the characters that appear in the shadows highlight the promises invested by the migrants in the new context to be achieved. However, the attitude of the character in the foreground, with a hand placed on his face facing the sky, also shows the disappointments that accompany the migrant in the face of the obstacles encountered. Migration appears like an ordeal. ”

The winning photograph of the Heritage category, Prayer time, by Eduardo Garcia Diaz, manages to «show a transit as opposed to the representation of truth, the flow of an experience in his own feeling, from the action of walking between a diversity of doors »as Laia Moreto Alvorado, member of the jury, explains to us.

Shortly, the awarded photographs, and other honorable mentions, will participate in an exhibition that will take place at the European University of the Atlantic, in Santander (Spain), as has happened with the last edition.

The organization of PHotoFUNIBER’20, together with the jury, thanks all the participants who have sent their photos or have voted on their favorite image. We hope to see you next year, with new looks and stories.

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